Although I had bad grades in writing in high school, I became a journalist and I published books.


I’m a single mother of two boys at the age of 15 and 17. We live in Winterthur in Switzerland together with 3 cats.

I had bad grades in writing in high school, but I loved books and stories. I studied literature and languages in Zurich, French, German, and English and at the end of my studies, I had the big picture of world literature. I would have loved to write my own book, but I was so afraid of criticism and I didn’t dare.

Although, writing had always been my thing. My journal was my dearest companion as a teenager.

After my study, I dreamt of working as a journalist. This was easier for me than becoming a writer. I didn’t have to write about personal things. I worked for daily newspapers and magazines. After years, I decided to change the side and worked for companies in their communication department, writing press releases, and publishing their employee magazine or their annual reports. Most of the time in three languages: German, French, and English.

In my fifties, I lost my job, and it was hard for me to find another job. I decided to start my own business. I learned how to put together simple websites, I supported companies with social media management and I created small marketing videos for startups and bigger companies.

Five years ago, I was convinced it was time to get me mentors. This has been the turning point in my life. My mentors told me to do what I like. I decided to publish my first children’s book. As I was used to editing and printing magazines and annual reports, I did it by self-publishing, and it had to be in three languages: German, English, and French to make it accessible to as many readers as possible. The English edition of “Leonard and Loulou” was bought by an American Publishing house. As I was successful with the first book, I published the continuation titled Leonard and Lea.

What have always been there, were my self-doubts about my writing. The fear of being criticized had not gone away. But I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I also started to write my own story in 2020. The book “Living Without Fear” was half written, when the Covid-19 virus started to spread. As the topic of fear became so important, I started my own podcast “Living Without Fear” where I teach until today a lot of helpful exercises about mindset.

The biography and self-help book "Living Without Fear", which has already touched many hearts, was published in late 2022.

My books opened up the doors to inspire others to live without fear and also write and publish their books. My mission to inspire other women to become self-confident and do what they like is now my biggest driving force.